JCT Software is a company devoted to providing scientific and software sulutions to Universities, Government Research Labs and Companies in China in the areas of Photonics and Optical Communication Systems.

At JCT Software our priority is to build a very strong, mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationship with our customers in China. As a part of this philosophy, we provide unparalleled pre-sales and post-sales technical support to our customers. Our customers get the necessary information quickly which reduces their development cycle and project execution time which leads to optimized utilization of available resources.

As an exclusive Distributor of CodeSScientific, Canada (www.codescientific.com) for China region, JCT Software currently provides (1) OCSim Software Mudules for Design and Simulation of Modern Fiber Optic Communication Systems and (2) FM-EDFA Software Module for Design and Simulation of Few Mode EDFA for Space Division Multiplexing.

The features of the CodeSScientific software modules are:
1) Software modules are developed by using Matlab programming language;

2) Open but protected software modules to customers;

3) Customers can develop their own personalized software specialized to their research projects, so that the software can be better suited to the customer's projects development and application.

4) In the first year as the license acquired, CodeSScientific will provide free online consultation to help customers to solve
any encountered problems in the use of the software and in the customer's own personalized software development for modern optical communication systems and photonic devices simulation and analysis.

JCT 软件公司 (JCT Software) 是一家致力于为在中国地区从事光电子学,光通信系统研究的大学,政府研究机构及企业提供软件仿真解决方案的公司。

JCT 软件的宗旨是与中国客户建立一种强大,互利和持久的关系。作为这一经营理念的一部分,我们为客户提供无以伦比的售前和售后技术支持。我们的客户能够快速获得必要的信息,减少了开发时间和项目执行时间,从而优化了可用资源的利用率。






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